"Professionisti 100%”



The campaign has been so  successful that it has be renewed for many years






Forming, informing and encouraging. / To train, inform and encourage

The three goals behind the initiative involving the staff delegated to the sale of two product groups. A professional competition for the different levels.

Salespeople rewarded for selling products.

Referents and tutors, rewarded for their ability to coordinate, organize and motivate vendors.

Agency directors, rewarded for being able to conduct their agencies among the top 60 ever.

The performances of all prizes, with points to be spent in the catalog - a different one for each professional category -

"Professionals 100%".

Incentive also supported by 3 consumer promotion initiatives: two of direct marketing to inform BNL customers about products   and one with a competition to push BNL customers make a social security check-up at any branch of the bank.

all communication and advertising has been linked to the sponsorship of sailboat races,

including a documentary that has seen protagonist Giovanni Soldini