"the new rules of the game...”



Surprising results: 50,000 contracts activated through the new channel.

We were the first to propose this channel and see its potential. Today it is used for many purposes, and has become a habit for all Italians.


The "Lottomatica Project" won the Silver Star in the Asp's Golden Star Award of 1999 under the category "Business to Business







The protagonists:

Lottomatica an italian operator of lotteries an betting It is the exclusive concessionaire of the italian state and has terminals in tin almost every bar / tobacco shop for the management of the Lotto game.

Infostrada one of the leading Italian operators of telephony, adsl and fiber optics


The idea: to use the lottomatica channels, for the activation of the infostrada contracts.

an extremely easy-to-use system whose benefits in terms of cost and service are immediate.

A revolutionary idea,  a wholly innovative sales channel, an extremely complex project,  structured in several phases that provided a range of different communication activities aimed at trade and the consumer. The marketing mix it provided point-sale material, promoters, advertising on press pages, pr, a promotional campaign with prizes, direct marketing, membership form...everything under the headline “the new rules of the game”.